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  • Project Manager (Electrical installation)

    Job description
    Job: Full Time
    Job Category: Project Manager, Mechanical Engineer
    1, is mainly engaged in on-site engineering supervision of installation;
    2, the safety of the project, quality, schedule and cost is responsible;
    3, responsible for the construction, installation, commissioning process management;
    4, the construction process to ensure compliance with the monitoring site construction schedule and specifications;
    5, the competent authorities in charge of the project and coordinating the work of subcontractors, suppliers;
    6, the amount of the progress payment project paragraph audit contract.

    Conditions of employment
    Education: Bachelor and above
    Work Experience: 3 years and above
    Gender: Any
    License: Not required
    A bachelor's degree or above, mechatronics, electrical automation, mechanical and other related professional graduate;
    Mechanical and electrical design and installation of more than 2,4 years of work experience, construction engineer certificate;
    3, with a strong on-site management and coordination of construction, has extensive experience in construction management, good teamwork and communication skills;
    4, organization, communication and coordination skills, able to work under pressure;
    5, long-term travel.

    Related benefits
    Salary: Negotiable
    Provides: unemployment insurance medical insurance pension injury insurance and maternity insurance housing fund staff training year award